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Kitchen & Bathroom Remodeling Contractor In Wilmington Area

Whether you’re in the city of Wilmington or in the surrounding area, we’re the right ones to call. For a complete list of services that we offer, give us a call today and speak with me or one of our professional staff.


RAB Wilmington Remodeling Services

Bathroom & Kitchen Remodeling


Interior & Exterior Renovations

Garage, Patio, Deck & Room Additions


Call RAB Handyman of Wilmington NC now if you need help!

  • Does your kitchen or bathroom have loose cupboards?
  • Just bought a difficult bed to put together?
  • Bought a Flat Screen TV but don’t know how to mount it to your wall?
  • Want to paint your nursery but don’t want to get dirty?
  • Need to install your child’s crib?


Moulding and trim in your home is what sets the tone for your design style. With so many profiles available, it’s simple to achieve the look you want. Whether it’s craftsman, colonial, rustic, farmhouse or anything else, the right choice of moulding and trim sets the stage for the perfect design.

Paint Jobs

Within our handyman service company, we host several of the most prestigious painters in Los Angeles. As veterans of painter companies, we are complete with all sheetrock repairs/finishing and will apply all paint manufacturer standard guarantees. We perform all exterior and interior painting, as well as designs.

Furniture Installation

For In-home installations, our handyman technicians are often called to put together beds, sofas, tables, chairs, desks and even cabinets.  Often the instruction manuals can be overwhelming and we can help you save time and money with this.


We receive as many calls for lighting and services that we perform include: Changing hard-to-reach bulbs, installing light fixtures, hanging Christmas lights as well as replacing fluorescent light bulbs.

Recessed Lighting Installation Service

Many homeowners and business owners seek the right type of light ambience by utilizing our recessed lighting installation handyman services within Wilmington and the Cape Fear Region. Whether it’s LED lights, new trim, or even help with installing the housings our handyman services will assist you for the best possible price. If you need help selecting a certain style or fit for your location they are more than glad to shed some light on new ideas.


From bathroom doors, exterior doors, gates, screens, windows, showers to garages, we can do it! We offer fixing services for doors of all types, installation for all doors, windows and garages, and we offer lock changes for each. These are not uncommon to perform but most people prefer our handyman to perform their needs, to guarantee that these necessities are done right the first time!

Television Mounting

Many of our Wilmington customers inquire about our television mounting services, but they usually also inquire about our electrical services, and we strive to make sure that all of your needs are completed so that you and your family can relax in the comfort of your home. Our handyman techs are equipped with all tools to guarantee that your TV mounting is done safely and securely.


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